What more can be done to improve safety, productivity, workforce development and application of digital technology and help you be more efficient in the downstream capital projects industry?


Watch Webinar Here Featuring Meridian EVP of Projects, Lance Medlin


Key talking points include:

SAFETY: What is your view of your current construction safety performance, and what have you done to improve safety performance at a construction site?

PRODUCTIVITY: What are you doing to improve productivity on your projects?

WORKFORCES: What is your view on the current state of skilled craftsperson availability and the challenges this poses for megaproject sustainability?

FUTURE SUCCESS: Where do we go from here? Downstream 2019 will allow a record number of owner/operators and contractors to gain the insights and connections they need to optimize projects in the short-term, but looking ahead, where does the panel believe the next wins will appear?

Walter Pinto (Moderator), formerly LyondellBasell, PennPetChem
Joe Dorsch, Project Director, LyondellBasell
Charlie Cappello, Principal Vice President & Petrochemical Operations Manager, Bechtel
Thomas Grell, President Downstream, Wood
Lance Medlin, Chief Projects Officer, Meridian Energy Group