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Meridian is offering an unprecedented opportunity for you to profit.  Our blueprint for the cleanest refineries on the planet – the Davis and Greenfield Project – are designed to capture it.

Oil well pumpjack along with two tractors in mud

Meridian Energy Group

Meridian Energy Group Inc. is dedicated to developing the cleanest and smartest crude oil refineries in the world

Meridian recognizes that a convergence of forces has created an unprecedented opportunity. A glaring need exists for refining capacity to convert Bakken crude into valuable diesel for the local market. Meridian’s Davis Refinery will address this need and expects to earn handsome profits in the process.

Meridian is focused on the development of innovative and environmentally-compliant oil refining facilities. Meridian is coming to the Bakken with a commitment to the future and an eye to the big picture. Our plans include the addressing of critical infrastructure needs for housing, commercial businesses, industrial space and basic utilities.

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