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Meridian Energy Group, Inc. was formed to change the refining segment of the energy industry – a business that is increasingly identified with pollution and other environmental damage. Acting as an aggressive agent of change to bring refining into environmental and social compliance is a foundational principle of Meridian and has been an important motivation for the professionals that have created the Company.

Meridian  has documented  its approach to industry change in a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) program in accordance with the Company’s founding philosophy and strategy, the Equator Principles and other applicable standards. This ensures that Meridian’s facilities reflect strict social responsibility and sound environmental practices. Meridian leads the industry in designing, permitting and building the cleanest refineries on the planet and has established itself as the leader in the integration of ESG principles into its business.

Meridian has implemented its strategy with the Davis Refinery – a, state-of-the-art crude oil refinery in North Dakota near the Bakken oil fields. This benefits the Bakken producers, who currently pay as much as $12.00 a barrel to ship their crude oil to distant refineries, and provides a wide range of benefits to the local community and the state of North Dakota in general

Meridian’s shareholders will profit handsomely as Meridian brings the Davis Refinery and its follow-on facilities online. At a capacity of up to 49,500 barrels per day (“bpd”), Davis will produce over 750mm gallons per year of refined products from local crude to serve regional markets. More definitive information on the profitability of Meridian and the Davis Refinery are available upon request.

“Based on Meridian’s plans for the Davis Refinery and additional follow-on clean-tech facilities, the Company believes that its shares will be worth several times its current offering price.”

– William Prentice, Chairman & CEO,
Meridian Energy Group

Note that Meridian has started siting and pre-permit design work for additional refineries to be located in the Permian in West Texas and near the crude oil collection and marketing hub of Cushing, Oklahoma, and has plans to locate its clean-tech refineries in other major domestic oil basins. The Company will seek to have up to 350,000 bpd of processing capacity in operation in five to ten years.

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