Remote Operations Center for Engineering Technologies


Meridian’s ROCET program is an innovation in the downstream industry using value adding proven technologies from multiple parallel industries including raw material mining, upstream oil and gas production, midstream gas gathering, and large city management on a global basis.

The ROCET program consists of a collaboration of Digital and Operations Technologies combined with Administrative and Financial Control Software:

  • DCS: Distributed Control Systems
  • SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Terminal Management Systems
  • Digital Twin Technologies and Management Systems
  • Process Modeling Software
  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Programs

How it works

Live Data Streaming: Received as a read only feed, allowing safe remote access to operational and process analysis by multiple Engineering and Technologies resources from various sites to a central location in Houston, Texas creating increased engineering collaboration without exposing additional human resources to process and terminal loading environments.

ROCET - Operations

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