Hydrocarbon Engineering


Meridian Energy has hired an engineering and construction firm to complete the front-end engineering and design (FEED) study for a proposed new oil refinery.

The FEED work is being conducted in anticipation of the state Health Department giving the company the permit to construct the refinery.

“We are fairly certain there will be no substantial changes to that permit from the draft that was issued in December,” said Meridian CEO, William Prentice, who added that he expects the final permits to be issued soon.

Prentice said that he is confident the final decision on the refinery will come out “in a matter of weeks.”

Meridian Energy went through the substantial number of public comments received in the hearing process. “Nothing we received indicated to us there would be substantial changes to the air quality permit draft,” Prentice said. “That allows us to finish up the engineering, and be ready to begin construction as soon as that permit is issued.”

The initial phase – the 27,500 bpd refinery – should be completed by the mid-2019. This capacity would increase to 49,500 bpd without requesting a new permit. However, if the company sees the need for expansion beyond that, it would file for a new permit.

The Davis Refinery will produce gasoline, diesel fuel and maritime fuel.


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