Source:The Crude Life

By jasonspiess

William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group, gives an update on the Davis Refinery, the first greenfield refinery to be built in the United States in nearly 50 years.

The refinery is located in Belfield, North Dakota, near Highway 85, which is a major transportation artery in the Bakken oil fields.

Prentice talks about the latest activity with the Davis Refinery offtake and their agreement with Musket.

Musket Corporation is part of the Love’s Family of Companies and specializes in commodity supply, trading and logistics across North America. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with additional offices in Oklahoma City and Phoenix, Musket provides expertise on both a marketing and operational level for our customers.

Musket handles billions of gallons of crude oil, NGL, natural gas, petroleum products, renewable fuels and DEF every year and continues to grow.

Prentice and host Jason Spiess discuss the major investments into Love’s Travel Centers across the country and the significance of Meridian’s agreement and partnership.

He also cites strategic locations for their Texas and Oklahoma refineries as they prepare for 2022.

The interview transitions into COVID and 2022 outlooks. Prentice describes some updates their company has undergone since COVID and an update where their environmental legal battles.

The past several years have set up Meridian for the ESG movement and industry. Prentice shares an update and announces that their second ESG Report will be finished in November.

The interview also refers to a recent piece in Farm Journal TV’s AgDay, that discussed the current administrations’ plan to greatly reduce aviation and marine emissions.

The two discuss Renewable Diesel and the biofuel influence on the market.

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