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Just because equipment is idle at the site of the Davis Refinery near Belfield doesn’t mean there’s no work going on. Components are being fabricated in Houston, while at the site a crew is maintaining environmental control, limiting the erosive qualities of North Dakota’s wind and water runoff.

“Ponds, ditches, erosion control are built to stabilize the site,” said Adam Williams, Director of Communications for Meridian Energy Group, owner of the refinery. “If there’s a spring runoff of snow, it will flow into the pond.”

Millions of cubic yards of dirt have been moved, preparing the site for construction with more on-site work to begin in the spring. The entire site, including buffer areas, is 600 acres. The initial dirt work covers about 150 acres where the plant will be situated. Williams said the city of Belfield and southwestern North Dakota will see more people and more activity in the spring.

“We’re looking forward to becoming a greater part of the community,” Williams said.

Meridian Energy CEO William Prentice said the community has been outspoken in its support for the refinery. In an interview with Jason Spiess and the Crude Life Network, Prentice said he anticipates even more excitement when spring arrives. That’s when steel will start rolling into the site, and more people will be added to the project.

Prentice said the “state-of-the-art” research that went into designing the Davis Refinery could be used to build other refineries.


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