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Published on Apr 6, 2019

William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group, gives an update on the Davis Refinery, being constructed in the Bakken oil fields. The location of the refinery, near Belfield, is close to major transportation and distribution arteries. According to Prentice, the Bakken has “probably the greatest crude oil to refine on the planet” and the refinery will be a Bakken only crude oil refinery.

In addition to the Davis Refinery, Meridian Energy Group, Inc. recently announced a second refinery in the Permian Basin in Texas. Prentice said it will be called the Greenfield Project after the family who own the land where the Permian refinery will be located. The Greenfield Project is planned to be located north of Kermit, TX.

Prentice talked about how the new refinery and others will be integrating the Davis Refinery’s technology into their facility designs. Prentice also talks about the resolving and winning of two years of red tape and regulation issues. The cost, the time and how much special interest groups can prolong the process and drain resources using government entities as their resource.


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The Davis Refinery is a new kind of refinery – a game changer in the industry. It is smaller and designed to run on just a single kind of crude oil – Bakken Oil, and much cleaner, having one-tenth the emissions as the industry average refinery exhibits. A million dollars invested in the Davis Refinery does much more to reduce GHG, by several multiples, than the same money invested in solar or wind power. If you want to clean up our environment, then let’s start by cleaning up that part of our energy industry that is in place now and everyone depends on.