HOUSTON, Texas, BELFIELD, North Dakota & IRVINE, California, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meridian Energy Group, Inc., the leading innovator in the petroleum refining industry, announced today that it has executed long-term water supply and wastewater agreements with the City of Dickinson, North Dakota. Under these agreements the City will provide all of the industrial water needs for the Davis Refinery, being built by Meridian to the west of Dickinson, near the town of Belfield in Billings County (the “Davis Refinery”), and will collect, treat, recycle and dispose of all wastewater from the Davis Refinery. These important commercial arrangements with the City of Dickinson will allow Meridian to construct and operate the Davis Refinery without gathering and treating water from the Dakota Aquifer, and building and operating water treatment facilities at the Davis Refinery. This marks a major step forward for Meridian, as the Company continues to prepare the Davis Refinery site, in parallel with the significant design and module fabrication planning taking place at the Company’s Houston facilities.

Dan Hedrington, Sr. Project Manager for Short Elliott Hendrickson and the Davis Refinery, had this to say on the latest Meridian milestone, “It was a pleasure working with City Administrator Joe Gaa and his staff. It may have taken some time to complete this agreement, but in return we have an environmentally sound contract that will benefit Meridian and the City as well. Processed wastewater from Dickinson, which is currently being discharged into the river, will be recycled generating a new revenue opportunity for the City. This allows Meridian to reduce the environmental impact of their facilities and activities at the refinery.” This achievement shows both the City of Dickinson’s and Meridian’s commitment to innovation while being environmentally minded.

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The Mission of Meridian Energy Group, Inc. is to provide long-term shareholder value through the development and operation of the cleanest, most environmentally-compliant and profitable crude oil refineries in the world, with refinery developments in both North Dakota and Texas. Established in 2013, Meridian has offices in Belfield, North Dakota, Houston, Texas and Irvine, California.

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