BELFIELD, North Dakota (Friday, February 1st, 2019) – Meridian Energy Group, Inc., the emerging growth refining firm and leading innovator in advanced technology and environmentally-beneficial full-conversion petroleum processing facilities, announced today that the recommended order by an Administrative Law Judge was adopted as the final order by the North Dakota State Engineer (“OSE”) for the Water Allocation Permit Meridian was issued in July of 2017.

Meridian had received the recommended decision from the ALJ for the Davis Refinery Water Allocation Permit on January 10th, for groundwater to be drawn from the Dakota Aquifer. The Dakota Aquifer is a briny, non-potable water formation approximately 5,700 feet deep at the Davis Refinery location. It therefore does not compete in any way with potable water consumption, such as that used by farmers and ranchers, or the local Belfield community, confirmed by data and scientific verification. The decision of the OSE is considered final in this matter.


Read OSE Adopted Order Here