Meridian has entered into agreement with a Winkler Company subsidiary (“Winkler”) establishing site control in Winkler County, Texas for a new Meridian full-conversion crude oil refinery. This new Meridian refinery will process local Permian (Delaware Basin) crude oil into a full slate of refined products for local and regional markets.

There will be up to 100 new direct hire jobs created at the Meridian Permian Refinery. Job creation studies by the State of Washington for refineries located in Anacortes, Washington, show a job multiplier effect of up to 12:1. If the same held true in Winkler County, this means there will be total job creation, including indirect and induced jobs, of up to 1,200 new jobs for the local community.

The Permian facility will also be permitted as a Synthetic Minor Source (“SMS”). The Davis Refinery is the first full-conversion crude refinery ever to be permitted as a Synthetic Minor Source, and Meridian believes that Davis, and now Permian, will be the cleanest refineries on the planet when they are operational.

The Meridian facility in the Permian Basin will have a throughput capacity of approximately 58,000 bpd and will otherwise be modeled on the Company’s North Dakota Davis Refinery, which is currently in construction.

Meridian Energy conservatively estimates this project to take about three years to begin full commercial operations, although it could be less.

“Meridian’s success on the Davis Refinery demonstrates that the domestic refining industry is ready for fundamental change, and Meridian believes that the crude supply and strong demand from the refined products markets indicate that the Permian Basin is the next place for Meridian to locate a Davis-style crude refinery. In fact, Meridian’s analysis indicates that there may be a need for more than one such facility in order to fully serve the needs of the Permian Basin.”
“Winkler is pleased to build on its history of business development in the Permian Basin through this long-term relationship with Meridian. The Delaware Basin is expanding rapidly and there is a significant need for regional refining capacity as well as additional crude oil storage and blending in the area. Winkler is a believer in the Meridian approach to crude refining, with processing facilities that are sited to serve local crude producers and refined product markets with the most advanced and environmentally benign process and design.”
“It has been many years since a new refinery has been built in the US and we are pleased to welcome Meridian to Winkler County along with the permanent, high quality, high tech jobs that will come with this exciting project.”

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